We are Combined Construction Services and we offer full Construction Management, Skilled Trade, Energy Audit, and Capital Project services throughout the southeast. Our team has over 50 years of combined construction experience specializing in multifamily and light commercial renovations, new construction, and disaster repairs. We have built a reputation of exceeding owner expectations by meeting budget expectations with timely project delivery, quality product installation, exceptional finishes, and customer service.  We work closely with your ideas, architects, engineers, and design partners to bring your vision to reality.

Reviews / Recommendations

Alan Clark Architects, LLC


My office has worked with CCS on 4 or 5 complex large multifamily renovation projects over the past few years. I have found Steven Costello and James Nash to be some of the best guys in the construction world (or at least the Atlanta area). They are respectful of my time, and understand that nothing good comes fast. Steve and James are practical men, with a broad knowledge and understanding of construction. Not only do they have the means and methods to build a large apartment project, but they understand the multiple layers and how to work with people. 

I was especially impressed with James Nash on a recent job. We had a few back and forth meetings with County building permit officials on a large apartment job that had burned. James asked me (the architect) to head out and talk with the main building official and reset the table. I thought it was a great idea, and we were able to finally understand what the County officials wanted to see on the drawings! 

I believe they have a great team of talented team members with some serious practical construction knowledge to pull from on jobs. 

I talked with many of their carpenters and tradesmen also and they all love working for the company. Many have been with CCS for 10 to 15 years. I think that says something in a very competitive market like Atlanta. 

Alan Phillip Clark, AIA 


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